Contest Winners (Alphabetically by Artist)

We selected twenty-five entries to be in the exhibition. We invite you to view all the entries that were entered into the contest.

Exhibition Images
Urban geography Bill Beath Velvet Ulli Behrendt Cells Alive Victor Carbajo Vertigo Antonio Chiesa Totem Silvia Dunayevich
shock waves cory ench Autumn Alexey Ermushev Crystaline Iwona Fido Frosty Gems Jimmie Josefsson The Art of Wearing Corsets Natalie Kelsey
La Fiesta de los Abanicos Nada Kringels 7th Level Mandelbrot Temple David Makin 20090822-1 Samuel Monnier Round the block Yvonne Mous Ponder Christopher Oldfield
310509 Ramon Pasternak Tribute to JP Joseph Presley Alabaster Carving Eric Prevost Rage Maulana Randa Fusion Sandra Reid
Juice Nicholas Rougeux Alien invasion I Elizabeth thallauer Earth, Wind, and Fire Kirsty Tudan Sandcastles Esin Turkakin Tension Joe Zazulak