Contest Winners (Alphabetically by Artist)

These sixteen images were selected from the contest entries to be in the exhibition. (We selected sixteen rather than twenty so that we could print these images larger, to better show the level of detail they hold.)

These were difficult choices and many noteworthy images could not be included in the exhibition. We encourage you to view all the entries.

Fractal Effervescence David April Ebony and Ivory Bill Beath Encore Paul DeCelle
And how is your husband Mrs. Escher Nada Kringels Mateko Dan Kuzmenka Polished Heather Lamb
Indra Family Jos Leys Spiral with opaque lines Andreas Lober Starfruit David Makin
Eifiona Tina Oloyede Tribute To Zemela Joseph Presley enmpperaltta Iņigo Quilez
Sanctuary Nicholas Rougeux Spellbinder Richard Spix Xolis Jaroslaw Wierny
Fingers Holding Secrets Joe Zazulak