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Every year, when it comes time to hold a contest, the community discusses the rules for that contest on the Fractal-Art Mailing List. At times the discussion gets heated, but eventually... there is consensus.

These rules are the product of that consensus, and of the e-mail sent to the contest volunteers over the past year. We think we've set up a great contest, with lots of variety.

The contest is now concluded, but we keep the rules here so you can see how we ran the contest.

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These rules are broken up into several pages because that is how they fit in the web site design. If you would rather view the rules as a single, horrifically long web page which is suitable for printing, we can accomodate you.

Not everything went as planned this year. In particular, we did not assemble the panel for the Technical Achievement awards, so none were given. We're sorry it didn't work out.



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