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14.   Beginning January 1, 2001, all entries will be displayed on the contest web site. Entries will be displayed alphabetically by title.
15.   All visitors to the contest web site are encouraged to vote once the images are on display. (That is, you do not have to enter in order to vote.)
16.   We suggest that voters view all contest images at full size before casting votes, as thumbnails do not accurately convey the detail in fractal images. Thumbnails are provided as a navigational aid, not as a substitute for viewing the images.
17.   Within each category, voters must select a first-, second-, and third-place image

before the vote is counted for that category. Votes cast in the overall still image categories do not have to be for images already voted for within their specific category.
18.   Voters may vote in as many or as few categories as they wish; however, votes must be cast in all of the individual still image categories before votes may be cast in any of the overall still image categories.
19.   Artists may vote for their own entries if they wish. If an artist does not feel they can properly judge their own entries against other images, we suggest that the artist not vote for their own images.



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