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4.   Each person may submit up to three images and three animations.
5.   Any fractal software may be used, and any image editing software may be used to post-process the images (but see this note).
6.   Titles for images are strongly encouraged, but do not embed the text in the image itself. Your image will be labelled in the web page.
7.   Images must not include the artist's name. Names will be revealed for all entries only after the voting period. Artists should refrain from identifying their entries until the voting results are displayed.
8.   Additional information describing how the image was made may be provided; this will

  be shown along with the image after the voting period. This information must be fifty words or less. This text will not be translated.
9.   Parameters and formulas for images are welcome. They will be posted after the voting results are displayed. For FractInt, please include the formula. For Ultra Fractal, please make sure the formulas are available in the formula database. For other programs, please include all the necessary material to render the files. We will not verify submitted parameters; it is up to the entrant to make sure they work.
10.   Images previously published on a web site, newsgroup, or mailing list are not eligible.



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