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28.   All artists, by submitting images or animations to the contest, consent to have their images included on the CD-ROM.
29.   The intent of this CD-ROM is not to make a profit, but to aid in voting. (The contest site is huge and can take a long time online to view; having it on CD makes it very easy to view whenever it's convenient.) Thus the CD will be sold at minimal cost, to cover the expenses of producing, duplicating, and shipping.
30.   CD-ROMs may be ordered through January 15, 2001. The cost is $7 (to the US) and $10 (elsewhere). CD-ROMs will be shipped as they are ready.

31.   All Artists, by submitting images or animations to the contest, consent to their images being displayed on the contest web site in both full-size and thumbnail forms.
32.   Artists retain full copyrights on their work. Being shown on the contest site does not restrict the artist from selling, licensing, or otherwise profiting from their work.
33.   No attempt to sell the images, outside of the limited-edition CD, will be made, not even to promote the contest.
34.   Inquiries regarding re-use of contest images will be forwarded to the artists.



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