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Category Descriptions
This year's categories are, mostly, very broad. Any image might fit in several categories. It is up to the artist to choose the category they feel best fits their image.


This includes organic shapes, creatures, plants, natural formations of rocks or minerals, any image that suggests things created naturally and not by man.


The opposite of Nature. Any image suggesting man-made items. Mechanical, structural, anything created by man and not just naturally formed.



Any image which attempts to depict a scene. This may be a 3D image, or a 2D image giving the impression of a scene. It may be a landscape, space scene, even a city scene.


An image which "interprets" something. An emotion, a quote, a movie or title, perhaps a scene from a classical story or play. Whimsy, passion, even apathy. Note: To enter an image into this category, entrants must specify what they are interpreting.



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