Space Crabs
Eric Meijer

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The fractals were made with `elmfract', a program I am writing in C++ under linux. I am considering to release it on the internet one day. The fractals are defined by two or more geometrical transformations that include a contraction to a point. The contraction points form the 0th order approximation of the fractals. In the first order approximation points are generated applying the geometrical transformation to the contraction points of the other transformations. Subsequent order approximations are generated applying all transformations to all points generated in the previous iteration. Different coloring and rendering schemes are implemented.

This picture actually contains two very similar fractals, drawn on top of each other. The transformations that define them are in three-dimensional space, but they are rendered in a two-dimensional fashion: the color a pixel gets varies between two colors depending on how many points of the fractal are projected on that pixel. Both fractals are defined by one simple contraction and two rotations followed by a contraction where the rotation angle varies with the sine of the distance to a plane in space. The difference between the background and the foreground fractal lies in the contraction factors of the rotations. No anti-aliasing was applied, since the grainy character seems to add to the atmosphere of the picture. For both fractals 7.17445e+06 points were generated.
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