Infinite Fence
Eric Meijer

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The fractals were made with `elmfract', a program I am writing in C++ under linux. I am considering to release it on the internet one day. The fractals are defined by two or more geometrical transformations that include a contraction to a point. The contraction points form the 0th order approximation of the fractals. In the first order approximation points are generated applying the geometrical transformation to the contraction points of the other transformations. Subsequent order approximations are generated applying all transformations to all points generated in the previous iteration. Different coloring and rendering schemes are implemented.

This fractal is defined by two transformations in three-dimensional space: a rotation where the rotation angle varies with the sine of the distance to a plane followed by a contraction, and a mirroring followed by a contraction to a point in the mirror plane. It is rendered in elmfract using diffuse reflection, and calculating shadows. Behind the fractal, in the plane of the picture, a blue plane is drawn on which a shadow of the fractal is cast. The picture was calculated at 1280x960 pixels, and then scaled to 640x480 for anti-aliasing. For the fractal 3.35544e+07 points were calculated.
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