Aldebaran Giraffe
Charles Lips

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3D Quaternion; no post-processing used.

This image was made with Quat 0.92, Dirk Meyer's freeware 3D Quaternion generator. No post-processing was applied, what you see is what you get. The program is available here. Although Quat 0.92 is not very user-friendly for defining such parameters, I like to 'zoom in' on a Quaternion by adjusting the length of the x-axis in the View Editor. Adjusting the View Editor parameters is the hardest part, a trial-and-error process really. After the ZBuffer has been defined, the creating of an effective colouring and lighting is good fun. In spite of the dedicated effort the program in its current version requires, it is capable of generating stunning images, I reckon.
 Image Copyright © 1999 Charles Lips

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