1. The contest is open to anyone who wishes to participate. You don't have to subscribe to a mailing list. You don't have to read a newsgroup. You just need to make some fractal images.


  1. Each participant may submit up to three images. You don't have to submit them all at once; you can submit one, then wait a few weeks and submit another, if you want to.
  2. Each submitted image can be entered into two judging categories. All images will be considered for the "best overall" category and this does not count as one of the two. (See below for a list of categories.)
  3. You can use whatever fractal software you like to produce your submissions. You can use image editing software as well, but read this statement about post-processing before you go wild. We're looking for your ability to work with fractals, not an image editor.
  4. You don't have to title your submissions, but it certainly helps. Note that we mean simply that your entry have a name; it would most likely best that you not embed the name in the submitted image.
  5. Please do not add your name to the image. Artists' names will be withheld until the contest is over, to prevent voting based on artists' reputations. If you are concerned about copyright, this is the notice for the contest web site. After the contest is over, names and appropriate copyright notices will be added to all contest image pages.
  6. If possible, we'd like for you to include the parameters used to generate the image, along with the name and version of the software you've used. Any parameters submitted with a contest entry will be held until the voting period begins. Parameters will be distributed to voters so they don't have to download the images.
  7. We'd like for you to submit images created specifically for this contest. Images which have previously had their parameters posted, or which have been displayed on the artist's web page, are not eligible.
  8. Submissions should be 640x480 images (480x640 for portrait orientation). Square images should be 512x512. If your image does not fit into these proportions, you should ask us for the best size. If your fractal software does not automatically anti-alias, you will probably want to render at a larger size, then shrink the image to submission size. (For more help on anti-aliasing, read this.)
  9. You should submit your images to us in GIF or JPEG format, as an attachment to an e-mail message, sent to to Please remember to include your name, which two categories to enter the image into, and any parameter files that you wish to include with the image.
  10. The contest opens July 19, 1998. The contest closes at 10:00 PM PDT, September 5, 1998. No submissions will be accepted beyond these times.


  1. Beginning September 6, 1998, all visitors to the contest web site are invited to vote on the best fractal in each category, and for the best "overall" fractal. Please do not vote before that time, your vote will be cheerfully ignored.
  2. Voters should select one image in each category as the "best". Please do not skip categories! If you submitted an image in that category, you may vote for it if you wish.
  3. Voters are strongly encouraged to include short explanations of their choices. This feedback, without the voters' names, will be sent to the artists and is a primary reason for having the contest. With the artists' permission, the feedback (still anonymous) will also be posted here on this site.
  4. Voters will be able to download parameter sets and a "construction kit" that will let them create the fractals submitted at whatever resolution they desire. Note that this will only be possible for images with parameters supplied by the artist. Details on the construction kit will be posted here when the judging phase begins.
  5. Votes will be sent via e-mail. Each person will only be permitted to vote once.
  6. Votes should be sent to
  7. Voting closes at 10:00 PM PDT, September 27, 1998. No votes will be accepted after that time.


  1. There are no prizes, besides glory, fame, and the respect of your peers. :-) This is about having fun.
  2. OK, we lied, there is one prize: animated logos that the winners will get to put on their web sites. Sharon Webb has designed these graphics for us; they are displayed on the awards page.

  1. Best Use of Color
  2. Best Portrayal of an Emotion
  3. Best Quote Interpretation
    For this category, artists will select a quotation, and then create an image to represent the ideas in the quotation. Quotations will need to be included with the submission, and judging will be based on how well the image reflects the quote.
  4. Oddest Fractal
  5. Most Whimsical Fractal
  6. Best Mechanical Device
  7. Best Horror Image
  8. Best Animal or Human Shape
  9. Best FractInt Fractal
    This category is open to any fractal created with FractInt (for any platform, DOS, Windows, or UNIX).
  10. Best Non-FractInt Fractal
    This category is open to any fractal created with software other than FractInt.
  11. Best Post-Processed Fractal
    A short way of saying "best use of post-processing to enhance a fractal". The key word here is enhance, not totally rework. As long as your piece is still fractal-focused, it's OK.
  12. Best Strange Attractor
  13. Best Overall
    Every submitted image will participate in this category; it does not count as one of the two each image may be entered into.

If you've got a question about the rules, categories, submissions procedure, or anything else regarding this contest, please send it to "Us" and "we" refer to the hapless souls who volunteered to manage this contest—Kerry Mitchell, Paul Lee, and Damien Jones.

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