If you would prefer to view the contest entries off-line, you can download the contents of the contest web site. More packs (including packs that let you generate the images on your own system) will be ready soon.

Pack 1—Everything
This file includes the entire contest web site, in one mammoth download. Recommended only for those with reliable connections. You only need one of these files, not both of them.

contest98-all.zip (38.5M)
contest98-all.tar.gz (38.0M)

Pack 2—Everything, in Pieces
These files together contain the entire contest web site, but in slightly more manageable sizes. You only need one group of files, not both sets (all the ZIPs, or all the TARs).

contest98-base.zip (1.5M)
contest98-images-1.zip (12.2M)
contest98-images-2.zip (12.6M)
contest98-images-3.zip (12.1M)
contest98-base.tar.gz (1.1M)
contest98-images-1.tar.gz (12.2M)
contest98-images-2.tar.gz (12.6M)
contest98-images-3.tar.gz (12.1M)

Pack 3—Update Pack
If you have already downloaded a full contest pack, and want to update your download to include the pages for the contest winners (and artist names), you need only download this pack.

contest98-update.zip (432K)
contest98-update.tar.gz (129K)

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