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"Hard Six"

"The Death of the Sun God"





"Sailing on Lake Mandelbrot"

"Visions of the Underworld I"

"Visions of the Underworld II"

"Visions of the Underworld III"

"Mince and Quince"



"The Downward Spiral"

"The Reef"

"Through the Looking Glass"


"Star of Ojai"


"Human Nature"

"L.I.A.P.U.N.O.V. Light Intelligence Adds Parts Using Nature of Vacancy"


"Firework Fountain"

"Shy Prawn"




"Devil in the Lattice"

"Howdy, Earthling!"

"Porcelain Butterfly"


"Exploding Star"

"Mermaid Parade"

"My Latest Favorite"

"Staring Starfish Conga Line"


"Fancy Thing"



"Golden Mushroom"

"Sunset in Mexico 1"

"Sunset in Mexico 2"






"Baroque Worms"




"Three-Fingered Man"

"Loopy Lights"



"Butterflies in Flight"

"Anatomy Lesson: The Throat"

"The Roots of the Rainbow"



"Tree of Enchantment"



"Deep Water Tropical Fish"

"Fertilized Cell Division"

"Cinderella's Dress"


"Fractal Flower"

"Performing Shark"

"Realm of Gandalf"




"Lilac Bouquet"

"Fractal Birdman"

"Fractal on a Plate"

"Dancing Starlight Fairies"

"Fractal Chain Mail"


"SuperSerp, an Integer-Lattice, Cumulative, Scaling Fractal"

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