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"Leather Gem"

"Golden Lace"





"A Shard of Complexity"


"Jewels on Beach"



"The Butterfly Effect"

"X-Ray Vision"

"Fractal Carpet"

"Black Lotus"

"Las Vegas"

"Flying Saucer"

"Lifting Shadows off a Dream"


"Lucy's Skyline"

"Invasion of the Killer Gumballs"

"Chimera Cyclone"

"Lace & Lava"

"Presentation Ring"

"The Great Beetle"


"Exuberant Stalks"

"Stalking in the Grass"


"The Hidden Meaning of Numbers II"

"The Green Way"


"Evening at the Spaceport"

"Alien Moons"





"One More Red Nightmare"


"Brass for Bets"

"Rivers of Headlights, Rivers of Rain"

"Currency Crisis"

"Walkway to the Stars"


"Mandel's Nest"

"Red Puzzle"

"Nouveau Bijou"




"Turbine Engine"

"T Minus One"

"Black Hole"

"Curved Space"

"Desert Spring"

"Crankshaft, Pistons, and Rods"

"Cave Art"

"Mahogany Vine with Flowers"

"Yes Sir"

"Fractal Sign"


"Fresh Air"






"Entrance to Hades"


"Black Pearl Bed"

"Celebration of Spring"





"Big Bang"



"Pierced Heart Takes Wing"

"Gilding the Cauliflower"

"The Fly"



"Fibonacci Daisy"

"Fibonacci Cauliflower"

"Dancing Torso"


"Flag of Nations"

"Tongue of Fire"
"Orange Julius"

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