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"The Downward Spiral"

"YinYang Whales"

"Aslan in the Garden"

"The Ghost of the Gingerbreadman"

"Sexy Suzy"

"Shy Prawn"


"Evil Bird"

"Porcelain Butterfly"

"The Great Beetle"

"Polyps on the Reef"

"Stalking in the Grass"

"Frankenstein's Monster"

"Papa San"

"My Belfry"


"Anatomy Lesson: The Throat"


"Deep Water Tropical Fish"

"Creature of the Blue Lagoon"

"Fertilized Cell Division"

"Performing Shark"


"Fractal Birdman"


"Neon Fossil"


"Wizard's Debate"

"The Fly"


"Behind Blue Eyes"

"A Night's Busy Work"
"Dancing Torso"

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