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"Have a Happy Day"

"Eagle Bandana"

"Sailing on Lake Mandelbrot"

"Golden Lace"





"Fire Dance"

"Star of Ojai"

"5 Ladies Dancing"



"Invasion of the Killer Gumballs"

"A Tulip for Albert Hofmann"

"Howdy, Earthling!"


"Mermaid Parade"

"Staring Starfish Conga Line"

"Eggsellent Spiral"


"Papa San"


"Hola Hola Changa Changa Just Aswingin' Through the Trees"

"Butterflies in Flight"

"Cut Topaz"


"Walkway to the Stars"



"Cave Art"


"Fractal Sign"



"Sailing Through a Black Hole"

"Dancing Starlight Fairies"


"Pierced Heart Takes Wing"

"Gilding the Cauliflower"



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