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"Hard Six"

"Hilbert's Rainbow"

"Mandelbrot Meets Mondrian"

"Alien Hatchery"

"Tiled Mandelbrot"

"Wild Star"

"The Ghost of the Gingerbreadman"


"Big Bang"


"Exploding Star"



"Eggsellent Spiral"

"Robotic Surveillance"

"Loopy Lights"

"Moon Dance"



"Horta Bones"

"The Goat-King"

"The Seven Souls"



"T Minus One"

"Black Hole"

"Mr. Pruneface"

"Mahogany Vine with Flowers"




"Tropical Bell Plant"


"Colored Smoke"

"Neon Fossil"


"Hell Tower"

"Fibonacci Cauliflower"

"A Night's Busy Work"

"SuperSerp, an Integer-Lattice, Cumulative, Scaling Fractal"

"Flag of Nations"

"Tongue of Fire"

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