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"Burning Desires"

"Hilbert's Rainbow"

"The Death of the Sun God"


"Leather Gem"


"A Shard of Complexity"

"Fire Dance"

"The Reef"


"Jewels on Beach"

"Looking Glass"






"Wild Star"

"The Butterfly Effect"

"X-Ray Vision"

"Fractal Carpet"

"5 Ladies Dancing"

"Firework Fountain"

"Las Vegas"

"Big Bang"

"Chimera Cyclone"

"Lace & Lava"

"Polyps on the Reef"

"My Latest Favorite"

"Dark Star"

"The Hidden Meaning of Numbers II"

"The Green Way"







"Baroque Worms"





"Three-Fingered Man"

"Hola hola changa changa just aswingin' through the trees"


"One More Red Nightmare"


"Brass for Bets"

"Cut Topaz"

"Currency Crisis"

"The Roots of the Rainbow"



"Creature of the Blue Lagoon"

"Nouveau Bijou"




"Curved Space"

"Desert Spring"

"Cinderella's Dress"


"Fractal Flower"

"Mr. Pruneface"


"2010 Sun"

"Spears of Fire"

"Yes Sir"



"Angel Orchid"

"Galaxial Bio-Colony"

"Lilac Bouquet"




"Fractal on a Plate"

"Black Pearl Bed"

"Tropical Bell Plant"

"Alien Blood"


"The End of Pretense"

"Fibonacci Daisy"

"Deep Purple Julia"


"Electric Blues Fantasy"
"Orange Julius"

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