Sharon Webb has kindly produced some award graphics, in both animated and still versions. These images are for first place winners:

version 1, animatedversion 1, still
version 2, animatedversion 2, still

Sharon also helped create these graphics for second and third place winners:

version 3, two-colorversion 3, rainbow

Note: Sharon insists on pointing out that the fractal images used for the contest graphics aren't hers. You can see the originals in my gallery, here and here. :)

If you won an award in the contest, you may place one of these on your web site! The recommended way to do this is to save the image you want and put it on your web site, and then include the following HTML in your web page:

 SRC="fa2award.jpg" ALT="Fractal Art Award" BORDER=0></A><BR><FONT
 SIZE=-2 FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">First Place, 1998<BR>
Best Portrayal of an Emotion

When inserting this into your page, replace the yellow text with the name of the award graphic you are using; replace the orange text with the place you won; and replace the red text with the title of the category you won in.

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