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2000 Contest
Top Ten Images

The images were created by subscribers of The Fractals and Fractint Discussion List, subscribe: majordomo@xmission.com "subscribe fractint". Administrator: Tim Wegner.

The Fractint image contest finished at Midnight PST on December 5. The members of The Fractals and Fractint Discussion List voted on the best image. Each entry is a PAR file which, when used with Fractint, creates 3 images based on a special contest formula file. In the table below, each row shows the corresponding entries by the person submitting the PAR file pointed to in the first column under the 'P'. Images are reductions of the 'real' images the artists created (please recreate your own in 1024x768 or better resolution). Download the current Contest Kit.

Artists are, in no particular order, Adam Alexander, Alice M Kelley, Angela "Wizzle" Wilczynski, Bob Margolis, Brian E. Jones, Brock Kevin Nambo, Cesare Giuanuzzi, Charles F Crocker, Cindy Mitchell, David E. Shanholtzer, Damien M. Jones, Dave Kolasa, David D. Singer, Doug Owen, Ellen Martin, Eric Mull, Esther Hill, Gedeon Peteri, Geoff Stanton, Guy Marson, The Graphic Specialist, Jacco Burger, Jack Valero, Janet Parke Preslar, Jay R Hill, Jerry Fox, Jim Muth, Jim Oliver, Joyce Riedinger, Justin A. Kolodziej, Kerry Mitchell, Kirsten Moe, Lee H. Skinner, Les St Clair, Linda Allison, Margaret Valero, Merle L Newsted Jr (Nuke), Michael Traynor, Mike Allison, Mike Sager, Paul J Carlson, Paul Kloeg, Paul N. Lee, Peter Jakubowicz, R. J. Jonker, Ron Barnett, Sylvie Gallet, Thomas R. Moe, Ton Koppens. (Note: the page created by the Contest Kit has e-mail links to these artists.)

And for a chuckle, visit the The Mysterious Comet, a short story with images inspired by the contest.  Please load Readme.htm for information on how to set up this page and its GIF images.

p alxndr1.gif alxndr2.gif alxndr3.gif
p akelley1.gif akelley2.gif akelley3.gif
p angela1.gif angela2.gif angela3.gif
p bejones1.gif bejones2.gif bejones3.gif
p bknambo1.gif bknambo2.gif bknambo3.gif
p carlson1.gif carlson2.gif carlson3.gif
p cesare1.gif cesare2.gif cesare3.gif
p cindym1.gif cindym2.gif cindym3.gif
p david_1.gif david_2.gif david_3.gif
p dmj-01.gif dmj-02.gif dmj-03.gif
p dsinger1.gif dsinger2.gif dsinger3.gif
p dlo190c.gif dlo190d.gif dlo190g.gif
p emartin1.gif emartin2.gif emartin.gif
p ericm_1.gif ericm_2.gif ericm_3.gif


estherh2.gif estherh3.gif
p geoffs1.gif geoffs2.gif geoffs3.gif
p gedeon1.gif gedeon2.gif gedeon3.gif
p gmarson1.gif gmarson2.gif gmarson3.gif
p graphic1.gif graphic2.gif graphic3.gif
p jacco1.gif jacco2.gif jacco3.gif
p jayhill1.gif jayhill2.gif jayhill3.gif
p jimmuth1.gif jimmuth2.gif jimmuth3.gif
p joliver1.gif joliver2.gif joliver3.gif
p roema_1.gif roema_2.gif roema_3.gif
p joyce1.gif joyce2.gif joyce3.gif
p jjf_1.gif jjf_2.gif jjf_3.gif
p justin1.gif justin2.gif justin3.gif
p k_moe_1.gif k_moe_2.gif k_moe_3.gif
p kmitchl1.gif kmitchl2.gif kmitchl3.gif









p miket-1.gif miket-2.gif miket-3.gif
p mlnewst1.gif mlnewst2.gif mlnewst3.gif
p msager_1.gif msager_2.gif msager_3.gif
p mvalero1.gif mvalero2.gif mvalero3.gif
p pkloeg1.gif pkloeg2.gif pkloeg3.gif
p paullee1.gif paullee2.gif paullee3.gif
p peter_1.gif peter_2.gif peter_3.gif
p preslar1.gif preslar2.gif preslar3.gif
p rbarnet1.gif rbarnet2.gif rbarnet3.gif
p rttyman1.gif rttyman2.gif rttyman3.gif
p sgallet1.gif sgallet2.gif sgallet3.gif
p skinner1.gif skinner2.gif skinner3.gif
p stclair1.gif stclair2.gif stclair3.gif
p trmoe-1.gif trmoe-2.gif trmoe-3.gif
p ton_k1.gif ton_k2.gif ton_k3.gif
p valero_1.gif



p vrch78b1.gif vrch78b2.gif vrch78b3.gif

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